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Style is forever.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Thats SERGEANT to you!!

..This outfit is ALL ABOUT THE SHOES!! and aren't they magnificent??

The chunky, ruffed-up, leather boot is what to look out for this coming season. We'll see this style in a work boot, military boot (like mine), and a cowboy boot.

Say goodbye to the pretty little ankle boot and hello to the 'i could do damage if i kicked you' boot. BUT do not be mistaken!! These boots can definitely be used to add edge to an otherwise 'pretty' outfit!! lets do the math.. blouse + frill skirt + knee high socks + leather jacket + kick ass boots = **BANG**

Good thing about a boot like this is that you should be able to pick some up at an op-shop or vintage store!!

my outfit:
*Vintage sunnies
*Decjuba jacket
*Nudie jeans
*ROC leather boots



  1. love love loveeeeee the boots! looks superb, cant wait for the next ensemble! X

  2. hey you

    guess who! lol

    mr brent.

    well love the new post and looking forward to the next few!

    speak soon


  3. Hey miss - keep the blog up! People will read this. You could be the next tanned/dark Blonde Salad.

  4. oooh i have those boots! i wear them all the time. and yes, they look even better the more scuffed up they get! gorgeous outfit too, i love that jacket :)